Our way with wood

Sensitively and sustainably sourced, the unadulterated beauty of the prime grade hardwoods we work with still never fails to take our breath away. Like the trees themselves, each variety has its own special qualities of colour, grain and density – whether it’s ash, beech, maple, cherry, walnut or the mighty, and perennially popular, red and white, English and European oak.

Quality without Compromise

From small hand samples through to ranges and benchmarks, our company quality processes underpin the projects from start to finish.

Hand finishing

Careful never to compromise the innate beauty of the grain. Each project is bespoke and we hand-finish the timber with our own blend of pigmented or clear hardwax oils and lacquers to enhance and preserve its natural lustre and texture. We have a number of finishing options open to us, allowing us to tailor the exact requirements of each project.

Patterns and Palettes

Whether it’s the elegant simplicity of wide planks or parquet and marquetry inlays in a range of traditional and contemporary patterns – from diagonal basket weave and mansion weave to herringbone and chevrons as well as bespoke designs – we take our palette and inspiration straight from nature.